TurkoTek Salon Archive

Salon 119: ICOC XI, April 2007, Istanbul. by Patrick Weiler

The End! - Patrick Weiler

More Museum Rugs - Patrick Weiler

A must see before this ends - Wendel Swan

A few more Turkey photos - Patrick Weiler

The Turkey I Bought In Istanbul - Patrick Weiler

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Perhaps a legacy and certainly a great carpet. - Wendel Swan

Some images from Dealers Row - R. John Howe

A Textile-Related Item of Painted Wood. - R. John Howe

LACMA double-niche Anatolian Carpet - Filiberto Boncompagni

A Fragmented Yastik. - R. John Howe

Dare to Compare!- Patrick Weiler

Private Collections: Kilims - R. John Howe

A Failed Innoculating Purchase - R. John Howe

A Kyrgyz Fragment and a Difference in Perspective - R. John Howe

A Turkish Chuval of the Non-Grain-Bag Sort - R. John Howe

A Bow to DOBAG - R. John Howe

A Konya Village Rug Fragment - R. John Howe

Unusual Claimed Dye Source and a New Instance of an Old Issue - R. John Howe

Istanbul and ICOC Pictures - Jeff Krauss

A Complete Flatwoven Turkmen Tentband - R. John Howe

A Leather-Bound Heybe - R. John Howe

Unusual Claim about a Less Unusual Bag - R. John Howe

A Grain Bag from the Bergama Area - R. John Howe

A Mystery Piece Bought in Bergama - R. John Howe

Fakes again - Filiberto Boncompagni

Images of the Vakiflar Flatweaves and Carpet Museums - R. John Howe

Where did all these posts come from? - Steve Price

Interim Report: Best of Intentions - R. John Howe

Istanbul- Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum - Ivan Sønderholm

Konya Ethnographic Museum -Ivan Sønderholm