Posted by R._John_Howe on 05-19-2007 02:34 AM:

Images of the Vakliflar Flatweave and Carpet Museums

Dear folks -

Pat Weiler mentions in his salon essay that he did not have his camera during the receptions at the Vakliflar Carpet and Flatweave Museums during ICOC XI.

I did have my camera and took a few images at the carpet museum and have sent them to Pat. There is some question about whether the dating of the images in my camera is entirely accurate (it may be indexing at 12 noon). If Pat agrees that my images are from the Vakiflar, we will post some of them.

But regardless of how that turns out, it is likely useful for those interested in this rich material that much, if not all, of it has be published in the following two volumes available at rug book dealers.

Carpets of the Vakiflar Museum Istanbul
Balpinar, Belkis and Hirsch, Udo

FLATWEAVES OF THE VAKIFLAR MUSEUM ISTANBUL Flachgewebe Des Vakiflar-Museums Istanbul
Balpinar, Belkis and Hirsch, Udo

Both of these books are, I think, are in German and English and they are reasonably priced at about $60 USD each.

More, especially with the carpets, I found, after taking photos for awhile, in a swirling crowd at close quarters, that I was simply faced with more material than I could conceivably photograph that evening. So, I simply stopped, long before I got to the largest hall with its monumental medallion Ushaks, etc.

During this same reception, I ran into Dennis Dodds, who, if I understood correctly, said that the images in the conference exhibitions that did not offer their own publications (e.g., both the Josephine Powell exhibition and the Transylvanian exhibition had catalogs for sale at the exhibition) would be included in a forthcoming, two-volume ICOC XI conference catalog.

So regardless of Pat's verdict on my images, much of this extremely rich material either is or will be available in published form.


R. John Howe