Posted by Patrick Weiler on 07-22-2007 09:47 PM:

The End!

It is finally time to close this chapter (119) on the XI ICOC.
We have talked of Fakes and Mysteries, Bags and Bands, Leather and Lace, (OK, no Lace), Fragments and Failures, Rock Carvings and Rugs, Beetles, Turkeys and Ingenious Mechanical Devices.
No, this was not a Salon on S&M. It was a travelogue on Turkey, a Forum on Fakes, Histrionics on Heybes, Sticks and Stones, Faces and Figures.
Oh, and the occasional Baluch, too.
There were plenty of rugs, kilims, archeological treats and social curiosities to keep on going and going and going.
Perhaps a few viewers will be enchanted enough to consider traveling to Turkey and even attending the next ICOC, coming soon…….somewhere……..with some rugs and stuff…

Patrick Weiler