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Salon 102: The Turkmen Asmalyk and the Chilkat Dancing Blanket. by R. John Howe

Summary R. - John Howe

Chilkat Dancing Blanket Weaver Responds - R. John Howe

Did the Chilkats Also Use Dog Hair? - R. John Howe

Chilkat Distributed Abstraction Evaluated - R. John Howe

"Salish" Knitting Being Offered - R. John Howe

"Twining" is not "weaving." Agreed? Why or why not? - R. John Howe

Dead Wool - Filiberto Boncompagni

The Role of the Chilkat Blanket at Death - R. John Howe

Some Other Items in the Potlatch Costume - R. John Howe

The Mercator Projection - Steve Price

Contrasts - Marvin Amstey

Totemic Animals in the Chilkat Blanket Designs - R. John Howe

The upside down asmalyk? - Tim Adam

Small World - Sue Zimmerman