Posted by R. John Howe on 10-24-2003 08:25 AM:

"Salish" Knitting Being Offered

Dear folks -

Lest one might think that the esoteric sort of thing that we often discuss in a salon like this does not touch modern life much, here is a counter example.

I received a catalog a day or two ago that offers a "Salish" sweater. Here is the ad.

The print is hard to make out here, but some romantic storytelling is included. In particular, reference is made to the Salish being perhaps the first people to cross from Siberia, etc.

The particular designs used are both representational and purely graphic but don't resemble much, in my view, the Salish designs we have seen in this salon.

But the clothing sellers do sometimes try to "hook" us by referring to such traditional sources. Here's your chance to own a genuine Salish garment.


R. John Howe