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Salon 97: Alluring Luris, Denizens of the Zagros. by Patrick Weiler

It has been a jam  - Patrick_Weiler

Varamin Connection? - Patrick Weiler

Luri Bach - Vincent Keers

11 Gabbehs - which ones are Luri? - Danny Mehra

Mystery Revisited - Patrick Weiler

So what might this be? - Danny Mehra

Varamin Shahsavan? - Patrick Weiler

A Tough One? - Patrick Weiler

Mafrash Panel with Chromosomes - Leslie Orgel

Gabbeh - Patrick Weiler

Salt Bag - R. John Howe

A Rosette is a Rosette is a Rosette? - Patrick Weiler

A Fars Luri Bag - Daniel Deschuyteneer

additional reference - M. Wendorf

Red Wefts - Steve Price

Flatwoven Bagface - Richard Tomlinson

Lur Lor Loha Lahore Laroia? - Danny Mehra