Posted by Danny Mehra on 05-15-2003 04:43 PM:

So what might this be?

Below is a rug described as mid-19th, all natural dyes, all wool, size 3'8" x 5'7".

Is this Luri too?

Best wishes

Posted by Patrick Weiler on 05-16-2003 04:59 PM:



My first impression is no, it is not Luri. The size seems to be too square.
My second impression is also not Luri. The rosette border looks more Kurdish.
There are a number of Jaf Kurd bags in a previous Turkotek salon with this same/similar border:

The main border looks almost Caucasian. The warps seem to be white, rather than dark, although I can't tell from the one photograph.
Perhaps if I could get to know it a little better.......

Patrick Weiler

Posted by Danny Mehra on 05-17-2003 02:00 AM:

Can't find it

Hi Patrick, thanks for your input. This rug is hidden away in a closet somewhere and I can't find it. Sorry I can't give more details on the materials or structure. I was intrigued by the colors in this rug, particularly those in the border.

Thanks for trying.

Best wishes