TurkoTek Salon Archive

Salon 88: Kurdish Rugs and Related Weavings: An 8000 Year Weaving Tradition? by Michael Wendorf

Summary - Michael Wendorf

A little contribution to the understanding of Kurdish weavings - Daniel_Deschuyteneer

Another Kurdish Rug - Richard_Tomlinson

Kagizman - Patrick Weiler

Other Indicators of a "Deep Tradition?" - R. John Howe

Jaf Kurd bags - Filiberto Boncompagni

Kurdish? Needle work? - Vincent Keers

The Utility of a Narrowly Defined "Heartland"? - R. John Howe

Jaf Kurd Backs and Bottoms - Steve Price

Sauj Bulagh? - Bob Kent

The Kurdish Language in Turkey - Steve Price

Separated at Birth - Patrick Weiler

About Kurdish Rugs - Guido_Pizziola

Some Very Old Rugs in Istanbul - David_Hunt

derivative designs? - Bob Kent

Twining and Soumak, What's the twist? - Michael Wendorf