Posted by Steve Price on 08-04-2002 09:37 AM:

Kurds in Turkey

Hi Everyone,

Ours is not a forum for political discussion, and I don't want to turn it into one. But, Michael's Salon does touch on the relationship between the Turkish government and the rather large Kurdish segment of Turkey's population. With that in mind, the following is not quite off topic.

This morning's newspaper includes an Associated Press report of some actions that the Turkish parliament took yesterday. I will quote one paragraph here: The reforms will legalize long-banned television and radio broadcasts in the Kurdish language and allow Kurdish and other regional dialects to be taught in special courses. I visited eastern Turkey (Kurdistan) twice in the past few years, and it was obvious that the restrictions on the use of the Kurdish language, especially the ban on broadcasting it, have been very sore points for the Kurds for many years.

It's a great step forward.


Steve Price