TurkoTek Salon Archive

Salon 85: Repairs and Fakes - A Smooth Transition... by Michael Bischof and Memduh Kürtül

Michael's corner - Michael Bischof

Closing remarks - Michael Bischof

Details of washing (continued) - Michael Bischof

Again fermentation - Michael Bischof

Turkoman Reds - Michael_Bischof

Rugs and kilims aren't art - Vincent Keers

Textile Art and Its Context - Steve Price

Provenance - Rudolf Hilbert

The restoration - Steve Price

If you can't wash it, how do you clean it? - Steve Price

The ACOR "Restoration" - Steve Price

Kilims #10 and 12 in Pelz's book - Steve Price

Kilim on p. 86-88 in Pelz's book - Steve Price

The Beetle-Black Color - Robert Anderson

The Unrestored Kilim - Steve Price

Cost and Selling Price - Steve Price

18?19?20?East?West? - Vincent Keers