Posted by Steve Price on 05-02-2002 09:06 AM:

Kilims #10 and 12 in Pelz's book

Hi People,

Michael's Salon refers to kilims #10 and #12 in Pelz's book. Here are images of both of them.

As some of you will be able to tell, the color reproduction is not very good.

This is probably a good point for me to apologize to Michael. He worked very hard at preparing this Salon. As with every Salon that goes up, I did the final editing. Unfortunately, the pressures of semester's end and traveling to ACOR left me little time to do the editing job that the essay deserved. One piece of sloppiness on my part is that he refers to the relationship of the price of Pelz's book to the quality of the color reproduction. His intent was to imply that the color reproduction is not very good, but at the modest price of the book, this is unavoidable. What came out of my editing is the implication that the book is worth its high price because the color reproduction is so good. I apologize to Michael for this.


Steve Price

Posted by Michael Bischof on 05-02-2002 11:15 AM:

Hallo everybody,
the upper pictured piece is reproduced in much better colour rendition in Werner Brüggemann's "Yayla" - catalogue from 1993. It is by no means dull, a good early piece with
a lot of strange madder dyes typical for this particular group in the Eastern part of Central Anatolia.



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