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Salon 76: The Collector/Dealer Relationship. by Steve Price

If someone asks you to recommend a dealer, what is likely to be the basis for your recommendation? - Steve Price

Constructing Real Symbiosis - R. John Howe

dealers on the net - Richard Farber

A reminder to myself and a note a all! - John Mrozek

How to keep the dealers happy? - Yon Bard

What is a good dealer? - Tom Cole

What has worked for you? - Leslie Orgel

What is a good dealer? - Yon Bard

morality of information between client and dealer - Richard Farber

"20 yrs of collecting and still a good dealer is difficult to find" - John Mrozek

Oops, wrong planet - Vincent Keers

Dealers who are collectors. - Steve Price

Aesthetic Sensibilities - Steve Price

"Over There" Knowledge - R. John Howe

A Dealer's Side - Ludwina Akbulut

Collectors/Dealers - Marilyn Langhurst