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Subject  :  Oops, wrong planet
Author  :  Vincent Keers mailto:%20vkeers@worldonline.nl
Date  :  10-31-2001 on 10:35 a.m.
My way.

A client can never be a close friend. I want him, or her to feel free to massacre me if I advised him/her wrongly. So some distance is needed. We can laugh but never cry.

Pricing: If a client tell's me a rug is overpriced I translate: Your jeans, shoes, watch, car, divorced wife are overpriced but do not tell me this rug is overpriced because you insult me by doing so. And if you can find this rug for less, go and get it.

Strange, pricing is always a big issue.
Art has it's price; If people are well to do, the prices are higher because they are willing to pay more. If the times are bad, Art is the first to get hit by depression. The beauty of Textile Art is: Everyone can afford an item at any time. Will it be State of Art? Do you care?

Once upon a time I had clients saving money for years to buy a rug. Questioning every knot, pile, color, design etc.
Now a days they are buying 1.200.000 pure silk "masterpieces" in sizes 400x300cm in a blink of the eye, no questions asked.

The more I know, I see clearly, I understand less.
Ooops, wrong planet.

Best regards,

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