Posted by R. John Howe on 05-09-2005 08:55 AM:

Harold Keshishian at TM, "Saffs" 2 and 3

Dear folks -

Harold next drew attention to a second very heavy, very long saf. Again his four strong men were working hard.

East Turkestan is the seeming origin of a remarkable number of safs. Harold said that this one was woven in Kashgar. It has nine niched compartments and again was too long for me to show comprehensively, although I was sitting several rows back.

Harold says various age estimates have been made for this piece. 1850, 1800, even 1750. Harold said that we don't know but he thinks this piece was probably made about 1775-1825.

Here is the third piece Harold presented.

It is silk applique work from Morocco. Harold said that he doesn't think that it is very old and that it is likely actually a wall hanging rather than a saff, despite its multiple niched compartments.

This piece has wonderful, dramatic graphic appeal and nice colors.

Again comments and/or elaborations are invited.


R. John Howe

Posted by Filiberto Boncompagni on 05-09-2005 09:56 AM:

Hi John,

Yes, the second saf is definitely a wall hanging.
See more Moroccan examples by Richard Farber here: