TurkoTek Salon Archive

Mini-Salon 3: Comparison of Pieces from Your Own Collection.   by Steve Price

Two Baluch Prayer Rugs - Igo Licht

TWO BAGS - Louis Dubreuil

Two Striped Juvals - Jerry_Silverman

A Pair of Ersari Chuvals - David R.E. Hunt

Two Shahsevan Bagfaces - Richard_Tomlinson

Three Yomud chuvals - Tim Adam

Yastiks - Patrick Weiler

New type of bag? - Patrick Weiler

Two All Over Design Baluch Prayer Rugs - Beryl Macner Licht

Two Disparate Turkmen Pieces - R. John Howe

"Time" and the Pieces We Buy - R. John Howe

Collecting the Small and the Beautiful - Anonymous_1

Two Baluchi bags - Marvin Amstey

Kordi Kouple - Patrick Weiler

Two Yomud "Ashik Gul" Asmalyks - Steve Price

A Challenge: let's have some fun! - Henry_Sadovsky