Posted by Henry_Sadovsky on 07-18-2004 02:10 PM:

A Challenge: let's have some fun!

Editor's note: I've moved this thread into the mini-salon discussion from its original place, since it was the impetus for the topic.

How about this?

Each interested party to submit photos of 2 "rugs" (or bags, etc.) they own. One rug to be one whose appreciation has grown with time, and which in their opinion is "Collectible". The other rug to be one which, while it was collected with enthusiasm, is no longer considered by the owner to be "Collectible".

I think the exercize would be most instructive if the two rugs chosen were somehow similiar. Participants could choose whether to include any commentary with their submission.

If it suits Steve, perhaps he could collect the submissions over the next couple of weeks and present them en bloc. I would ask Steve to choose his 2 rugs for submission before he looks at anybody else's.

The names of the submitters would not necessarily have to be included in this exhibit. In fact, my preference would be to post the images/comments without inclusion of this information.


Posted by Steve Price on 07-18-2004 02:28 PM:

Hi Henry

I think this is a fine idea, and that it will be fun to do and instructive as well.

The suggestion that we do it right away isn't going to work out, though. Because of Filiberto's and my travel schedules, we are going to set the site to read-only from July 20 to August 19. There will be nobody available on a regular basis to moderate messages submitted for posting or to handle the image files that usually need to be edited for size and uploaded to our server for inclusion.

However, I will be happy to implement your proposal on or around August 19. I haven't had much time to think about it yet, but I think it would work best as a mini-salon (that is, with many threads of discussion rather than just one). I agree that permitting contributors of pieces to be anonymous if they prefer to be is probably useful for this exercise, but I think messages in the discussion should be subject to our usual restrictions. I'll be happy to open the thing with one or more pairs of pieces that I own. The members of each pair will be related, and I will select pieces such that I think one of each pair is of much more collector interest than the other, along with my rationale for thinking so.


Steve Price