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Traveler's Reports Our readers are invited to report on their interesting rug-related voyages here. No Marco Polo tall tales, please.

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Martin Andersen
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Default Uzbekhistan

Hi All

Just back from an intense 14 days roundtrip in Uzbekhistan - Taskhent, Nukus, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Fergana and Margilion. Brought back 2500 photos (and can't wait to get back)

Magoki Attori, presentday rug museum in Bukhara

From an antique pile rug collecting perspective I don't think there is much to find in Uzbekistan. I suppose since independence from Sovjet all material has been sourced out to Istanbul and further on. What is left seems to have mostly turistic qualities (though I suppose luck can strike anywhere)

Embroideries might be another story, I am not really qualified to judge, but this one I am a bit sad about not bringing back:

The classical Timurid architecture is of course totally marvelous (even though it for for many may seem too heavily restored). The relation between architectural ornamentation and the patterns on the textiles is an interesting subject, and one of the main reasons for my going there, hoping to find minor archiectual ornamentation for example in wood or fragmented stucco. But in that sense I found nothing new, history has been hard on this area, and not much beyond the large well known sites seems to have survived. But the abundance of ceramic tile brick ornamentation to me personally makes the relation to both pile and Ikat weaving patterns self-evident.
If there is any interest I will happily post photos.

Here a piece of textile which I did bring back, a piece of machine woven cotton ikat from the sovjet time. Perhaps a bit obscure, but yesterdays commodities might be tomorrows rarities

- and a video from the visit of the ikat silk factory in Margilion where I found it

best Martin
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