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Martin Andersen
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Hi Chuck

I suppose you know that Ensis already turn up in western commercials in late 19th, so it is rather fair to think they have been produced to the western marked from there on. In guessing age of the rugs I am sure your own guess would be at least as good as mine. And age of course isn’t everything, your Ensi looks totally lovely both in quality of wool, color and design.

Is it reminiscent of flatweave endings in the top right corner of your Ensi? If so that would bode for some extra age in my book.

The Hecksher Ensi looks rather related to the design of your Ensi. Personally it to me looks like one of the oldest Ersari Ensi’s I have seen (and when I say "seen" it just seen on the internet). 152 x 132 cm, Info is here (as i remember it has been James Allen’s so he would know more) https://www.learner.org/courses/glob...254/index.html

Here a few others which also looks related, I would say all younger than the Hecksher Ensi. Sorry dont have measurements on them, but they to me looks around same size as the Hecksher:

And this one a bit different but according to Jürgh Rageth an Ersari with serious age 18th early 19th (must admit It doesn’t really looks like that to me, but I sure respect Rageth’s authority in this). Its no. 35 from “Turkmen Carpets, A New Perspective” Size 179 × 129 cm.

Rageth also has a rather astonishing new interpretation of the Kush motif, if one goes along with it then it’s goodbye to “birds” - and hallo to “raised arms” He sees the Kush motif as having an origin in Mesopotamian throne motifs, and makes a rather good argument around it (not quite sure if I buy into it yet, but must admit it slowly grows on me)


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