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Marek Szymanowicz
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Hallo Richard

I've been serching the web for more pictures all day yesturday and I couldn't find much more
Here are 3 that I found but you can see them in the first link too..

The link with pictures, the one in polish language is a short abstract from the album printed on the occasion of the exhibition. It's in polish with just a short abstract in english but it contains pictures of ALL pieces of Kulczycki's collection - about 200 pieces devided by origin; persja, Caucasus, Anatolia, Turkiestan, not only carpets and kilims but pieces of old textiles too.

I've been talking to my friends from the Castle and I found out that unfortunately the whole print of the catalogue was sold emediately so even they don't have a single one for themselves but you can try to look for it:
" Kobierce i Tkaniny wschodnie z kolekcji Kulczyckich" - Kraków 2006, few autors of descriptions but the main one is Magdalena Piwocka, ISBN 83-88476-36-X

The long kelim on one of pictures is from the Tatra Museum, There is few others simmilar there. They were generaly very popular in Poland in the XIX/XX, and they are still for sale in antique shops, I have one too..
they were popularly called "Karamani" as from Karaman region in Turkey thou they were from various regions. Always in pair of 2 complete pieces, lenght about 3.4 m, they were extra popular as a door courtain in rich houses and they were perfeclty long just too fit the haight of the rooms.

KULCZYCKI in english - hmmm...???
maybe something like: cool - chy - tsky ???
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