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Jon Knowles
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Default Rugs in Transylvannia

Forgive a neophyte if he over-eagerly tells you what you already know....

I recently had the great luck to spend 9 days on a road trip around Transylvania and what I saw fascinated me in so many ways. Not least among the revelations were the wonderful antique rugs displayed throughout Southern Transylvania in the Siebenburgen area from Sigishoara in the East to Sibiu in the West and all point around and in-between. I believe there are are over 128 medieval saxon churches in this area which have or had rugs displayed as ornamentation to the otherwise austere Lutheran style of these Reformation fortified churches. It is a most marvellous marriage of East & West, the initial incongruity of which transformed into amazed appreciation before this travellers eyes.

I saw the most amazing rugs in Sigishoara and throughout my visits to the Saxons church-fortresses. I offer some links to the photos here:


Alas, I was not always at liberty to go where I wanted or stay long where I intended. therefore much to my regret, the unbelievable gem of the Brukenthal remains a mystery to me: http://www.brukenthalmuseum.ro/europ...n/etajI/05.htm

I was able, however, in Sibiu (formerly Hermanstadt) able to purchase a rug from a small antiques hop tucked away in a side street - the only rug he had.

I will be returning....

I am new to this game and I fear I may now have a taste for it! But i know next to nothing and all my internet research concerning my purchase has yielded little beyond the obvious. It is a hand-woven kilim. It is approximately two metres square (but not quite square). the geometric designs do not fit easily into the recognised library of available symbols to my eyes. It was, for a substantial period, hung (right-hand side uppermost in the photo). One end has a mismatched colour tone which does not appear to be caused by fading.
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