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Marla Mallett
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I've tried to stay out of this discussion, but can do so no longer. There has been a huge flood of fake Caucasian carpets onto the market in the last few years, and they are now appearing everywhere--especially in Istanbul but now also in a few dealers' inventories and auctions in other countries. Fifteen or twenty years ago copies of Kazak types were being sold in Istanbul, but were represented honestly as copies. Guys could be seen sitting on doorsteps in retail areas trimming the black outlines to soften their appearance, and no one suggested that the rugs were old. But now it's a different story and superb copies of popular designs, often lightly "antiqued," are being presented as 19th century rugs. Anyone doubting that these are indeed fakes need only see 8 or 10 Chelaberd (Eagle Kazak) rugs in a single individual's hands at once! Obviously not a likely occurrence with antique pieces.

Rug dealers in Turkey have faced quite difficult economic times over the past few years. With limited cash for inventory, many small dealers, in particular, have succumbed to the temptation to take some of the fakes on consignment. They are an easy sale, an easy profit, with no cash investment. Just about everyone in the business in Turkey knows very well where these are coming from, but rarely will anyone selling pile carpets talk about the matter....Such talk does little to inspire confidence in customers. It's a shame: Not only are the buyers of these fakes getting ripped off, but the constant buzz just below the surface concerning this flood of illicit goods has been severely eroding the market for true antique pieces, as the confidence of collectors has been badly shaken.

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