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Martin Andersen
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Hi Pierre

I agree, if this border is seen in relation to the other anatolian seljuk rugs I would see it as a kufic ornamental motif, derived from mirrored alif/lam. The motif makes a color shift between background and foreground in horizontal and vertical border. And for me that makes more sense than seeing the border like singular motifs, than as a rather messed up "running swastika border".

The pointed ends of the motif is zig-zagged, which could be a simplified imitation of foliated kufic. Looking at other 45 degree lines in the rug layout, the weaver had not problems making 45 degree lines appear strait, so the zig-zag is intentional.
I would probably have had found the similarity of this border to kufic ornamentation a bit to generic if it wasn't for all the other minor borders in the Seljuk rugs which also in various ways variates the kufic motif .

best Martin
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