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Paul Smith
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Default acoustics...

Actually, Rich, I am intrigued with the sonic dampening effect here. The accordion blind that fits inside the window already had a significant effect--there are three windows in the room and if all the blinds are up it is significantly brighter in both light and sound. I often manipulate these blinds, depending on what sort of recording I'm doing. I didn't expect this rug apparatus to change things much (there are already two large main carpets and three other Baluchi-group prayer rugs on the walls, two rugs on the floor, and others draped on furniture and musical instruments), but the resulting surface is significantly more absorbent to my ears--the accordion blind, and the canvas, and the rug seem to have a cumulative effect. I have a singer coming in this weekend, and I am going to record in front of this, instead of my usual spots, because it really seems to cancel out any reflections, which ought to make a clearer vocal. Let's do science!

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