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Filiberto Boncompagni
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Hi Martin,

You are right. The resolution of my monitor is 1366x768 pixels, that is also the most popular screen resolutions in use in 2013-2014. (see http://www.hobo-web.co.uk/best-screen-size/)

Which means that now we can increase the horizontal size of the pictures, but not too much, otherwise we will be obliged to scroll horizontally our screen to see an image that is too wide.
Yesterday, for example, somebody linked to a very large (in width) photo from another website. It didn’t fit on my screen, so I downloaded, resized and uploaded it to our server (changing appropriately its link).

Just now, I resized and recompressed seven pictures for the current Salon. They had a width between 777 and 1099 pixels, for a total file size of 4061 kB.
I processed them to a width between 600 and 800 pixels for a total file size of 1154 kB.

In short, that’s what I am doing now: using a width between 550 pixels (for long, narrow and vertical pictures) and 600/800 for the more square ones, depending also on the amount of details that they are supposed to show. Also the amount of jpeg compression applied depends on the quality of the picture and the level of detail.

So, I am keeping now the file size from a little above 100 kB to under 200 kB, with an average “weight” of around 150 kB or even less. Bigger than that, it’s just a waste of bandwidth and server space.

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