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Alain Bueno
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Hi Rich
As a contribution to what you wrote I am sending these pictures. I took them in Northwest Iran many years ago not far from Tabriz. Between them the family spoke Azerbaijani.On the floor a cheap Heriz upon others tribal weavings. They worked with the tipical Tabriz hooked knife. On the loom a 50 raj (5.000 knots per square decimeter) part silk carpet. The father told me he bought the sketch in the Tabriz bazar.He found the French pattern very attractive !!! The wools and the silks came from the neighborhoods bought already dyed.
As I asked the young boy how he knew the number of knots or the colors to be used he could not give me an explanation. However the girl told me that after two weeks working she knew by heart exactly what to do.Her skill was amazing. Unfortunately I was not authorized to speak with the woman.
As you said it is very complex to fully understand oriental weaving art. A lot of experience is required, gathering informations years after years but as Chomsky wrote “never reaching the Pic du Canigou”.

Best regards

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