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Henry Sadovsky
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Default Huh?

Originally Posted by Rich Larkin View Post

... the remark about the organizational status of Turkotek didn't sit too well with me ...
... I find the organizational qualities of the site just fine, thank you.
The above, in response to:

Originally Posted by Henry Sadovsky View Post
Hi All-

Obviously i find this thread highly interesting and engaging. That said, i wonder if others, as i, aren't finding that its length and number of ideas introduced are not leading to intractability? I have an idea on how to deal with that, but first would like to get a sense of whether or not others are interested in trying something new? If so, please add your thoughts/comments here.


Originally Posted by Henry Sadovsky View Post
Hi Steve-

As of this moment there are 134 posts in the "Seistan Rug" thread. 49 of the posts have been by me. I cite that solely to indicate that i am highly interested and engaged in this thread. That said, i am starting to have some difficulty keeping track of the separate strands within the thread. Such include:
  • - Seistan hypothesis
    - M-Group
    - 'Electric' sub-group of M-Group
    - Color palettes and terroir

Attempting to get a clearer overview of the thread using the hybrid or threaded view does not help as it provides only the following as an outline:

That, despite my (for one) taking care to supply posts with a helpfully identifying header. Have i simply missed an option provided by the current software that would make such a long thread more tractable? If not, i have a suggestion to make regarding the current thread, but will first await yours and others' thoughts on this.


Not understanding the replies/references to the above, or why they aren't located in "Selecting how you view threads" thread.

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