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Filiberto Boncompagni
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Hi Pierre,

Nice résumé on the subject. Of course, I agree with your conclusions.

Luckily there are those historical sources mentioning “Circassian” carpets…

Only thing, they cannot be Circassian in a strict sense because there are no traces of piled rugs produced by the Adyghe (that’s how they call themselves) people. As far as I found after strenuous internets searches, the Adyghe only made felt rugs and dry-grass mats, both very similar to the felt rugs and chibtas made in Daghestan.

Here are some Circassian versions of chibtas:

And a lot Circassian traditional motives, with some felts too (see files 52 and 53):

So, the logical explanation is that, as you say, “Circassian” is not to be taken literally but as generic reference to Caucasus.


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