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Thread: How far back
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Steve Price
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Hi James

Filiberto uses that system, too, and that's the first step in the method I use to create the archived files (I save as a complete web page rather than as an MHT file because I'm not sure every browser can read .MHT pages).

I've thought about posting alerts a few days before deleting threads, but there are some problems in that. The biggest one is that the cue I use for archiving or deleting is the date of the most recent post in the thread. I don't know any way to post a prominent alert in a thread without making the alert the newest post, thus putting a more recent date on the thread.

But anyone who wants to keep any thread in his/her personal archive can look at the date of the most recent post in that thread. If it's 8 days old, the thread will probably be deleted in another two days. Occasionally, I'll remove something after only nine days, sometimes not until the twelfth day or so; this varies with the other distractions in my life at the time.


Steve Price
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