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Pierre Galafassi
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Hi all,

In an interesting paper dealing mainly with Seldjuk architecture and rugs, J. Taylor (1) shows an extant fragment, probably woven after the Seldjuk period, but nevertheless likely to be very old (There is no mention of the results of any C14 test in his paper).
Taylor considers that it might be one of the oldest Anatolian rugs featuring the small Holbein pattern and the closest to the Timurid style. One might argue the second point: Unlike a few other supposedly Anatolian SHRs this rug does not feature the usual white kufic border.
However, the peculiar border particularly attracted my attention: Although it shows a superficial analogy to a "running swastika" motif or to the «Hittite» border motif of the lost rug formerly in the Berlin museum (shown yesterday in another thread) this border might be another example of a motif derived from an arabic script. Could it be?

Hi Filiberto:

I fully share your opinion, there is a good likelyhood that the SH pattern originated in pre-Timurid Persia and for unknown reasons got highly popular during the Timurid period.

(1) John Taylor rugbam.blogspot.com/2012/05/
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