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Filiberto Boncompagni2
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Hi Paul,

Hmmm… Considering that nowadays computers are capable of facial recognition, it shouldn’t be too difficult to use the same kind of approach to develop a program (I still call them programs like in the old good times, NOT applications as it became fashionable in this bloody smartphone era) to do what you propose.
a large percentage of pictures of rugs on the Internet are trapezoidal and you might need to transform them into rectangles before you start doing anything else
Faces are three-dimensional, so a trapezoidal rug shouldn’t be a problem.

First, one should prepare a good database and feed it to the machine for the 'training'…

The accuracy of the result will be, of course limited by the visual-only approach: as you observe, the "info about knotting, handle and so forth" will be missing.
But, with more database feed about pictures of the back and details of knots and so on, the program should be able to interact with the user in the same way we do here and give a probability result.

We could put the program on Turkotek and then we could all retire...
Filiberto Boncompagni
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