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Chuck Wagner
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Hi David,

Rich is correct about the effects of light, as the source of the fading, on the piece in the first of your last two images. There is no visible indication of any dyes bleeding - that I can see - in any of the images of the piece in question.

In the fourth image of your first post, there does appear to be a change in the character of the red along the left border that is also present in the adjacent guls - although this may be due to lighting.

Without a chromatographic analysis you'll never be certain about the dyes. In a recent talk at NERS, Dewitt Mallary discussed Jurg Rageth's tome on old Turkmen pieces and pointed out that during the transition period from natural dyes to chrome dyes, there were many pieces woven that used a combination of both, and even a mix of both for some reds.

My assessment of age for your piece is based on more than just the dyes; the overall design components, and the relatively close spacing of the dyrnak guls and elem motifs are also consistent with late 19th to early 20th century work.

Chuck Wagner
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