Filiberto Boncompagni October 10th, 2014 01:37 PM

The Crucial Issue
Ladies and Gentlemen,

There is a crucial issue that must be addressed.
Horst’s entire essay is based on the fact that his Sumak kilim was woven by “Nestorian” people.

It is not.

It’s a simple Herki Kurd soumak kilim. And so it was in 2006 (even if at the time Horst was already mulling over the Nestorian hypothesis). There isn’t a single shred of evidence to prove the contrary, in Horst’s essay. Fantasies aren’t factual proofs.

This simple fact makes the Salon fall apart like a house of playing cards during an earthquake of magnitude 9.

To quote the Bard (let’s appear to be sophisticated too)

…it is a tale
Told by an xxxxx (1), full of sound and fury (2),
Signifying nothing



(1) See? One has to censor even Shakespeare to avoid the “ad hominem” remark.
(2) Produced by the readers.