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Steve Price

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Some general remarks

Louis’ Salon will be archived in a few days, and I want to offer some observations about it before it closes. The fact that there has been rather little discussion is almost certainly a result of the excellence with which it was prepared and presented. That is, there is little to criticize or about which to debate. After a brief overview of what is known about ensis, he compared the morphologies that the Turkmen groups use for an ensi motif, and continued with some interesting ideas about the interpretation of that motif as a representation, presenting a rational basis for those ideas.

This Salon essay is nearly unique in the literature on motif origins, evolution and meaning, and should be a model for others in the future. The most common format that has been used is to begin with a few facts and add layers of speculation and fantasy, liberally sprinkled with age attributions based on the familiar paradigm: I like old rugs. I like this rug more than I like that rug. Therefore, this rug is older than that rug.

I opened the discussion of this Salon with congratulations to Louis. I congratulate him again for producing something of lasting value to Rugdom. Not only for the insights it presents, but for the rational approach with which they are presented.

Steve Price