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Rugs from the Konya Area (Part II, Obruk)

by Hakan Tazecan

Note: Hakan Tazecan holds a degree in archeology from Konya University, and currently lives and works in Antalya.

Obruk is a region between Konya and Aksaray; the name means small volcanic lake.

There is an old village about 75 km from Konya next to a Seljuk caravansaray, close to a small volcanic lake. There are 40 such lakes between Obruk and Karapınar, and they have become important for tourism. Obruk is one of the largest and richest textile centers in Konya. Its huge plateaus are highly suitable for raising sheep, and Anatolia's best wool is produced here. A special characteristic of Obruk wool is that it can be spun very finely and, for this reason, fine rugs and kelims have been traditionally produced here. Obruk weavings include yatak-tulu, rugs, kelims, and cicims.

Here is an old obruk tulu.

These are some traditional obruk rugs.

Some Obruk kilims:


Obruk cicim and zili:

Some Obruk rugs are woven with prayer kilim designs. Here are two examples:

I hope you enjoy seeing the varied and wonderful weavings from the Obruk area.