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Steve Price

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Obruk designs and "Mushwani"?

Hi Hakan

First, thank you for continuing the tour of the Konya region. I'm struck by the variety of weaving and designs in this relatively small area, and I suspect that others are as well.

There's currently a fairly long thread on our Show and Tell forum about the so-called "Mushwani" design in Beluch group weavings, which has now gotten into some speculations about possible non-Beluch origins for the characteristic latchhook motifs. You show several Obruk rugs with something close to the sort of latchhooks that dominate the "Mushwani" Beluch subgroup.

The Beluch groups seem to have imported designs, motifs and layouts from their Turkmen neighbors pretty freely, so it isn't hard to suppose that many of their other characteristics are imported. Do you know of any reason to think the Obruk rugs might have found their way into Beluch group populations at some time in the fairly distant past (say, 300 years ago)?


Steve Price
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Rich Larkin

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Hi Steve,

The following image is from Volkmar Gantzhornís Oriental Carpets.

Itís clearly Anatolian, though I donít know how close to Obruk it belongs. It isnít as nearly reminiscent of the Mushwani design as the examples in Hakanís salon, but suggestive nevertheless. See also the early fragment Iím about to post in the Mushwani thread on the Show and Tell side.

Rich Larkin
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Hakan Tazecan

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answer to Steve and Rich

dear friends

Anatolian Turkomens live since 12-13th century in Obruk area but they are originally Horasim and Horasani Turkomans so they come to Turkey from central Asia its normal that the designs you see in Beluch rugs also used in Obruk area.

Hakan Tazecan