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Joel Greifinger

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Yuruk? Yes...

Hi All,

While skepticism about the existence of any older Yuruk pile rugs seems justified, the tradition of flatwoven pieces by various Yuruk groups in Western and Central Anatolia is well documented. Starting with kilims, here are some examples Bohmer attributes as having been produced in “earlier centuries” by the forebearers of some of the Yuruk groups he has studied and written about in Nomads in Anatolia.

The first two are woven by Karakecili Yuruk:

This one by Karakoyunlu Yuruk:

By Sacikara Yuruk:


And Karatekeli Yuruks:

In addition to the kilims, there are the amazing Yuruk brocaded ala cuvals documented by Bohmer and Josephine Powell. That for another day...

Joel Greifinger