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James Blanchard

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A Konya Design?

Hi all,

I don't have much knowledge to contribute to this discussion, but I would like to share an observation about a particular kilim design that seems to show up in various formats in kilims said to be from the Konya area. I am not sure how specific this attribution is.

I became interested in this after purchasing a Turkish kilim with a rather interesting and ambiguous design. In the main panels one can see the repetitive design. At first, I was inclined to look at the dark aspect of the design, as shown in the first close-up. However, after looking at a number of other Konya examples I can see that the more consistently used design is actually in the lighter colours (reds, light blue and green). It looks a bit like mirror images of a rounded triangle with extended arms. A similar design is shown in one of the examples of the Salon (see bottom picture).

I wonder if anyone knows of any theories about this design. Is it specific to Konya kilims?

With regard to my kilim, I have assessed it as a rather late, but attractive, kilim. I think the colours are not bad (the close-up of the border is a direct scan). Any estimates about the age? It has some metal (silver) threads (last close-up). Is that helpful in assigning an age estimate?


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Hakan Tazecan

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answer to James Blanchard

Dear Friend
about the meanings of the motives on your kelim you should make some research from the internet and look at the meanings of motives on rugs and kelims but most of the motives on kelims releated with birth and death symbolism in old times
in Anatolia you born on a kelim you grove on kelim and finally you die on kelim they wrap the dead on coffin put on a kelim bring to a mosque and they dornate the kelim for the mosque. this kilim helps person to reincarnate or to reach to paradise and some motives symbolises the fertility
you have a semi old kelim not museum quality but nice and decorative use it happy days