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Marty Grove

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Remainders of Culture...

G'day Jaina and all,

Many thanks to you Jaina for a glimpse of an ancient and wonderous past. I personally have always been drawn to the history and magnificence of the cultures of old. While the ordinary people of those days doubtless had periods of plenty, as today, there would have been as much austerity as is often experienced nowadays.

Looking at the monumental art remaining from the past we are taken beyond the realities of today, towards something quite undefineable I think, something that transcends our interpretation of culture as we experience it in our different parts of the world.

There is no true global culture (with the exception of America's style of things) thankfully, but I am not too sure that in the days before instant communication, that 'culture' was not foisted onto a people by their conquorers in a manner that might have been considered 'global' in their fashion. Such as prominent designs in the rugs of the day perhaps?

Global then, obviously was a much smaller space than we know it to be... although Im still bemused by some designs which seem to have arisen contemporaneously in Asia and the Central and Southern America's, many thousands of miles apart.

Buddhism in its many forms has left a vast amount of style and design which remains with us and perpetuates onward. The ancient art of India has penetrated great distances throughout the breadth of Asia east and west and also helps prolong the iconic forms of its culture.

From the pictures shown by Jaina of the stonework people of Cambodia we see in the carvings graceful execution, a style and elegance which draws strong parallels with the ancient stonework throughout India. The patterns and draped execution of the fabric clothing the carvings are not so dissimilar from the floral and geometric forms couturiers of our time offer to attract interest. People who could either create it or afford it, have loved colour, shape and form probably since time immemorial and hopefully, always will.

Thanks also Jaina for the interesting links to your previous interests and work.


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Jaina Mishra

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Marty & all,

The most exciting part of collecting textiles (and jewelry) from cultures belonging to a different time or a space, is that they reveal a social paradigm that is totally and unimaginably different from mine. All these articles are just manifestations of the way people live or lived.

There are pieces I have whose uses are totally alien in my context - and that fuels intrigue and curiosity. Sometimes a serendipitous conversation or reading provides the answers but most often it remains a mystery.

The short work of Zhou Daguan on the Khmer culture has been a dramatic eyeopener. It provides a peep into an alternative social format that seems to be internally consistent and complete within itself, but almost diametrically opposite to every social format known today.

All very rewarding !

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Sophia Gates

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Thank you to Jaina and Turkotek for posting this amazing Salon.

The artwork is incredible. I'm in awe.

Beyond the sheer magnificence of the sculptures I'm interested in the rendition of textile patterns in stone as well as the attempts to show the fluidity and lightness of fabric in a most unyielding medium.

This is all just fascinating as well as amazingly beautiful.