Posted by Steve Price on 08-08-2007 07:50 PM:

There's no place like home. Really.

Hi People

We live in a very open contemporary house, with lots of railings and balconies. Good for displaying textiles. The house is arranged upside down, with the "public" areas upstairs, the bedrooms and study downstairs, and the entrance between the two. We keep lots of textiles out where we can see them, and periodically change what's in view.

Here are a few shots of our digs. First, the view from just inside the front door. The dining room is to the left, living room to the right, a two-story sun room is behind everything. Those are Japanese wedding kimonos in the background.

Proceeding to the lower level, a view from about halfway down the stairs. The rug on the floor is a ca 1950 Bijar.

Finally, the area around the computer.

The rest of the house is too disheveled to permit showing it, but you're never any further from a textile than you'd be from a rug shop if you were in Istanbul.


Steve Price

Posted by Steve Price on 08-10-2007 07:51 PM:

Hi People

Fireplace screens make great display stands for as many as three small pieces, and the fireplace is almost always the focal point of whatever room it's in. We have two, one in the living room and one in the master bedroom.

Cargo bags are difficult to display except as covers over chests and small tables. But cargo bags that no longer have their end panels show nicely on parson's tables and on the edge of a jacuzzi.


Steve Price

Posted by Patrick Weiler on 08-10-2007 09:11 PM:



As long as you don't bathe or start a fire, your pieces should be OK. Except that tulu thing. It will never be OK......
And I never thought about using a mafrash as a bath mat. Great idea!
And what is that thing on the second fireplace screen, a Bergama chuval or a piece of 70's era carpet from a motel 6?

Patrick Weiler

Posted by Steve Price on 08-10-2007 09:56 PM:

Hi Pat

Oh, we never bathe. Ask anyone who knows us. We don't use the mafrash as a bath mat (don't need one, since we never bathe) just as decoration when the jacuzzi isn't being used. The colors look washed out in the photo, but that's because it was so much closer to the flash than anything else in the picture.

Funny you should mention the tulu. I included a photo of it in a Salon awhile ago, and some time later found that photo being used in an ad by an on-line dealer (I don't remember who) showing his inventory. I double checked to make sure ours was still where it belonged, then stopped worrying about it.

The thing draped over the bedroom fireplace screen is a Turkish yastik. The ends are missing, but the colors and wool are wonderful.


Steve Price