Posted by Walter_Davison on 02-13-2006 05:48 AM:

Other Interesting Groups

Hi All,

There are a number of distinctive styles of phasins produced by an identifiable group or area, and for sake of making an effort to be a little more comprehensive in this presentation, I thought I would show just a few more types. Though this is still by no means anywhere near a complete coverage for the subject, it will fill out the presentation somewhat.

In the main section of this salon, you can find an example of a phasin from Sukhothai. Here are three other of much better quality. Note that none of these are old in terms of what Turkotekians consider old for rugs. All of these are part of an extensive collection belonging to Ajarn Wismai Manomaipibul.

The first one is a silk phasin with a cotton waist band. A closer shot of the teen chok on this piece follows

And here are two other cotton ones.

South and east of Sukhothai in Phichit Province is where a group of people called the Lao Krang have settled. The Loa Krang are famous for their use of an insect (Lakshadia chinensis) resin, or krang, which they use in recipes that produce a red dye (Conway, Thai Textiles, p. 71-2). Their weavings feature geometric designs with good use of the color red. Here are some of their cotton phasins.

Here two more with less use of red.

Another interesting phasin comes from a group called the Thai Song Dam, a Lao group who more than hundred years ago migrated just to the west and south of Bangkok in a place called Ratchaburi. I found this phasin especially compelling for its simplicity and its dramatic use of color. It has a weft-faced plain weave that completely covers its bright red warp threads except in a couple of places where you have to look closely to see the red, and in one place where a warp thread is hanging out. An entire group of Thai Song Dam women would be dressed in look-alike phasins of this nature.