Posted by David R.E. Hunt on 03-23-2005 09:18 PM:

End And Side Finishes

Greetings All

Find here the coarsely knotted end finishes and filament, almost horse hair textured foundation from the fixed or loom end of the weaving

and this curious braided finish on the far end

Will get back with some images of the side finish and some structural details shortly. Well, soon anyway...


Posted by David R.E. Hunt on 04-03-2005 11:15 PM:

Side Finish


The end finish in the first image above consists of
coarsely knotted groups of five warp threads,
and the side finishes of this four chord goathair (?)

Did I mention the large amount of green in this palas?
It was said to be from Afghanistan, and if forced to guess
would say Ersari. I would suggest that these side finishes
and border treatments might be a good place to begin
differientation/classification of the Palas.