Posted by Richard_Farber on 03-21-2004 05:07 AM:

Carpet for Attribution: 3

Dear Mr. Hunt,

Thank you for your informative essay.

Perhaps you, and the other turkotekers out there, might suggest an attribution for this carpet.

Richard Farber

thanks to Itzhak Mordekhai for the digital imaging.

Posted by Paul Sokoloff on 03-21-2004 06:06 PM:


This looks like a Moroccon carpet (as I believe the other two are). This one seems to be a High Atlas "Tazenakht" type rug, perhaps done by the Ait Ouaouzguite.


Posted by Louis Dubreuil on 03-23-2004 01:30 PM:

Ait Ouaouzguit

Bonsoir Paul and Richard

Yes the rug looks like an At Ouaouzguit rug, may be a recent one.
The border with the meander is typical but the crowded red field is less typical although the motives are very "berber".
Is the back of the rug yellow ? This is a typical feature of this tribe.
The picture I have found in the Moroccan book "Du signe l'image" (see post on the first rug) is more classical with a very well balaced field design and with a strong 3D effect.
The name of Taznaqt is more a commercial name than a tribe name , the subtribe of the Taznaqt is a part of the great tribe of the At Ouaouzguit and is well known for his great rug production.

Meilleures salutations.

Louis Dubreuil