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Salon 107: Streams of Influence: Motives and Origins of Moroccan Carpet Design. by David R.E. Hunt

The Matter of Prayer Rugs - Steve Price

Bibliography - Louis Dubreuil

Mamluk Influence in Early Turkish Carpets? - David R.E. Hunt

"Spanish" Carpets Pre 1492 - David R.E. Hunt

Berber Motive and Design Symmetry Progression. - David R.E. Hunt

Arab Influence In Early Turkish Carpets? - David R.E. Hunt

Early Fragments from Egypt David  - R.E. Hunt

Carpet for Attribution: 1  - Richard_Farber

Color; Henna Paste and Stain - David R.E. Hunt

irregular and ancient berber motives, their link with other cultures - Louis Dubreuil

Carpet for atttribution: 4 - Richard_Farber

Carpet for Attribution: 2 - Richard_Farber

Carpet for Attribution: 3 - Richard_Farber

National Museum of African Art Exhibition - Steve Price