Posted by Steve Price on 02-22-2004 09:06 AM:

Books and other resources

Hi People

I believe that Jaina's Salon is the first substantial appearance of Indian textiles on Turkotek (except for sporadic appearances of a few embroideries), and we have little in our archives that would serve as resource material for it.

I own one old (whatever that means) silk and gold(?) sari from Benares, and one book about sari. I'll try to photograph the textile and post it within the next few days. The book is entitled, The Sari, by Lynda Lynton, and was published in 1995. It is lavishly illustrated, covers the geographic variations in the sari very nicely, and has a nice historical review. There is clear evidence that the garment dates back at least a few thousand years.

I recommend the book enthusiastically to anyone interested in the subject, and can scan pictures from my copy whenever it seems appropriate to the discussion. If anyone else knows of some good resources - books, websites, etc. - reference to them would be useful.


Steve Price