Posted by Richard Farber on 12-03-2003 01:27 PM:

New Areas of Interest

Dear Turkoteers,

Some of us are highly specialized in our collecting areas and others more expansive in their collecting.

The salons and show and tell boards point out and area highlights area of collection and study which for some of us are new . . . The boards show us some things that might be fun to learn more about while collecting a piece or two to study.

I've had that happen to me with the discussion of Islamic art which showed images of weavings from the Atlas Mountains. . . and there I was on a trip to the flea market with my eyes opened for the colors of Moroccan carpets. One that I found and know absolutely nothing about I bought and [with the help of Mr. Price] put on the show and tell today. I hope to learn new things.

Thank you Turkotek for highlighting new areas of interest and study,


Richard Farber