Posted by Fred_Mushkat on 11-06-2003 01:22 PM:

Electronic Publication

Electronic Publication

Not too long before the most recent ICOC, I posted a salon on warp-faced bands. I contacted the ICOC Academic committee about using that material for a presentation at the conference. There is a requirement that all material presented at the ICOC must not have been previously published. I notified the committe at the time of my application that I had posted the salon.

To my surprise, the committee rejected my application on the basis that the information had been electronically published. I was offered the opportunity to participate in the poster forum at the conference, but unfortunately the rest of my life got in the way, and I was unable to attend the conference.

I felt it was a compliment to Turkotek that a salon presentation carried the same weight in the opinion of the academic committee as a 'paper' published article. In my opinion, the quality of many of the salons reflect the same or higher academic standards as some of the published articles in the major textile magazines.

The feedback I received for the electronic publication surely exceeded the responses I would have received with a one time lecture at ICOC or with a publication in HALI. I feel fortunate to have been allowed to be a participant on your website. Congratulations on a great five years...may there be many more!

Fred Mushkat

Posted by Michael Bischof on 11-07-2003 12:52 PM:

new media new habits ...

Hallo everybody,

I would like to join Fred's interpretations !
It is still a new type of media and most collectors in Europe are elderly people who simply do not have the habit to jump over their self-imposed burdens against using it.

Therefore the typical situation here is the "meeting" where a lecture is offered. Normally ( in more than 90% of all cases tried ) there is no discussion at all after the lecture is been done. A strange understanding of politeness prevents to discuss the topics - but only in the public. People talk a lot about it, but in small groups after this event, ignoring the fact that these talks then are kind of gossip and not "productive", they do not enlarge our knowledge. So most "discussions" have , in case they would really materialize, the character of "some gurus fight for the alpha-position" ... and this is, at least after having experienced nothing else for more than 20 years, boring, worse than a crime.

From this point of view the establishment of this new forum Turkotek is a big move into the right direction and I find it impressive how it has brought together a kind of inter-cultural dialogue until now - especially when compared to what the print media have achieved and have not achieved until now !


Michael Bischof