Posted by Steve Price on 11-10-2003 12:33 PM:

We need Salon hosts

Hi Folks

I thought this might be a good time to mention our biggest chronic problem: getting hosts for the monthly Salon. It needn't be very elaborate. Although a number of the essays are bona fide works of scholarship, most are written with the intention of provoking discussion on a topic of interest to the author. Just in case you think the topic you're considering is beneath our standards, I call your attention to this one.

I know it takes time to work up even a pretty cursory essay, but it really helps promote variety when many people participate in that phase of our activity. And don't worry about it if English isn't your native language (or if your use of it isn't terrific). Every Salon essay gets edited with care. The author, of course, gets the final word on the editing suggestions.


Steve Price

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