Posted by R. John Howe on 11-10-2003 08:01 PM:

The Wonder of Information Flow

Dear folks -

Although, it is not a characteristic peculiar to Turkotek, but belongs, rather to the Internet itself, I continually find myself amazed and impressed with the way in which information flow is enhanced by this medium.

Now, of course, this has its down side, since bad information flows as readily and as broadly as does information that is accurate and useful.

But I think it is one of the most remarkable aspects of our conversations here.

Let me give you one recent example (not because it is a post that I made but rather because I know the approximate timelines involved).

Early in September, The Textile Museum opened an exhibition of 19th century Navajo blankets from its collection. I went to one of the walk-throughs given by the curator, scanned some pictures of pieces in it from Hali and one other publication and from a piece of the TM promotional literature and within a day or two put up a photo essay, providing a sampling of the pieces in this exhibition and my rememberance of some points the curator, Ms. Hedlund, had made during her walk-through.

At that point this sampling was available to visitors to Turkotek world-wide. And when there were questions about such weavings, we were able to get further images and information from the literature up promptly.

Here's the link to this archived posting and discussion in case you want to refresh your memory of it.

I think that's better than the print media can manage.

The information flow on the Internet keeps impressing me.


R. John Howe