Posted by Bob Kent on 05-30-2003 11:55 AM:

copper red in baluch rugs

Great salon, thanks. I like the abrashed copper red in these rugs. As I read the salon, this color seems more typical of baluch weavings from Persia versus Afghanistan? thanks ...

Posted by Patrick Weiler on 06-20-2003 01:51 AM:

Copper red and copper green, too!


You mentioned a copper red. Here is a rug with some copper red and some green, too:

You can see the colors quite well from the back:

The condition is not too good, with replaced selvages and no original ends. The weaver started out with not enough room for three trees, so she shifted the whole field on the next row:

It is really hard to place this rug as to age. It is older than mid 20th century, but I don't think it goes back to the 19th. It is almost an in-betweener, made probably for the market, but before the "standard" types became popular.
The range of colors is much greater than the newer monochrome Baluch rugs, but not as bright and cheerful as the Seistan rugs. Perhaps your suggestion that this is more Persian than Afghan holds true here, too.

Patrick Weiler