Posted by Richard Tomlinson on 04-04-2003 08:25 AM:



i am interested in learning a bit about 'typical' structure of shahsavan pieces ( bags )

i noted mr swan made the following comment;

"I can also say that the wool in khorjin of this type from Karabagh, as well as the covers, seems to feel a bit drier than that used by the Shahsavan"

i have read a little about wool being slightly greasy. i have a few shahsavan pieces. some are greasy, others are dry. is there a pattern with regard to region? if we assume the shahsavan lived in both caucasia and iran, might there be a difference in wool as one moves futher north/south? is it possible to make generalisations?

i have asked before with regard to shah pieces with both cotton warps and wefts. the answers seemed to indicate not. and yet i have a bag, and have seen a couple of other pieces sell on ebay, that had cotton warps and wefts. in fact, a well known dealer sold a piece a while back, and he indicated that this was a 'typical' feature of 19C shahsavan weavings.

any help appreciated.


Posted by Bertram.Frauenknecht on 04-05-2003 03:57 PM:

Hello Richard,
if I remember well, I answered on your question that there are bags with cotton foundation.
There is no typical Shahsevan weave. It depends what group you mean.
Best regards